Synergy Force specializes in developing the essential soft skills needed to promote effective human relations and foster personal, professional and organizational success. Our programs are custom tailored to your needs and build on the strengths, experience and expertise already in place. Using experiential workshops and group processes Synergy Force improves communication, enhances relationships and advances creativity for social service agencies, foster care and other support groups, schools, religious organizations and other non-profits.

Synergy Force brings people together for the growth, development and enhancement of individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations.. From coaching the individual to developing multi-agency collaborations, the services and activities we offer will provide:

  • Capable and trained staff
  • Adept and knowledgeable care givers
  • High performing teams
  • Dynamic problem solving
  • Skilled leaders
  • Transformed organizations
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Balanced personal and professional life